MiTo Team

ANN: MiTo Team Directory Changes Watcher v1.2 released

We are glad to introduce MiTo Team Directory Changes Watcher v1.2 release. This realese makes program GUI translation possible. There are several small bugfixes and improvement also.

Full changelog:

  • #304 [New Feature] Support for program GUI translation. English and Russian languages added.
  • #306 [New Feature] Multiuser mode added. Just delete Settings.xml to store all settings on per-user basis in Application Data directory.
  • #305 [Bugfix] Window size and position storing improved.

Project page:

There are English and Russian GUI languages available with this version. Please contact us at if you would like to translate it to any other language.

We are working on .NET applications translation technology (codename MiToTeam.i18n.NET). It is still in alpha development stage and DCW is first public application translated with it. When this technology will be ready for beta-testing we provide it at this site. So watch for our news if you are interested in.

And we are open for any bugreports and suggestions as usual. Please contact us if you have any.