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ANN: MiTo Team Directory Changes Watcher v1.3.20090117 released

We are glad to introduce MiTo Team Directory Changes Watcher v1.3.20090117 release. This release introduces enhanced exclusions string syntax with "*" and "?" wildcards support. There are also several minor improvements.

We've added small User's Giude to our site. You can read more about program functionality and find GUI elemens description: There is an exclusions extended syntax description with examples in this Guide also.

This version number has "date extention". So full version number format is "A.B.YYYYMMDD", where A is major version number, B is minor version number, YYYY is current year, MM month and DD is current day number. We'll add such extention to all our new version numbers.

Full list of changes with this release

  • #307 [New Feature] Wildcards support for exclusions strings.
  • #308 [New Feature] Descriptive User's Guide added
  • Minor improvements.


You can download new version in Downloads section.

Program description

Project page:
User's Guide:

And we are open for any bugreports and suggestions as usual. Please contact us if you have any.

Sincerely yours,
MiTo Team