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Introducing new project: MT Browser Switcher

We are glad to introduce you our new project: MT Browser Switcher!

This small utility allows you to assign URLs to several different browsers so different websites can be opened with different browsers. This can be useful if you use some browser for everyday surfing but prefer another browser for particular websites. For example you use Opera for everyday surfing, but you prefer to work with your GMail account using Google Chrome since Google services work much more faster and more stable with Google's native browser.

Support Ticketing System added to site

We used Mantis bug tracker as support system. But this is heavy system with separate registration and logging in. It has a lot of over-features for user who just wants to report a sinple bug or ask a question. So we wanted some simple and user friendly way for users to report bugs or ask a questions on our site.

We had played with several third-party Drupal CMS modules and our new Support Ticketing System was born as result. Now you can leave you support requests (Support Tickets) at our site. You have to be registered user to be able to add a ticket. Use My Support Tickets link to add new ticket or view existing ones.

Our Mantis bug tracker is still available. But it will be used mostly internally by our developers. You can read about our custom Support Ticketing System building below.

MiTo Team site domain name changed

MiTo Team site domain has been changed from to So new site address is and new contact e-mail is You are welcome to update your bookmarks or RSS feeds.

Site is powered by Drupal CMS now

We are glad to introduce new face of our site. It is powered by wonderful CMS Drupal.

Not all thing are ready for now. But we are working on it. So please let us know if'll find any broken links, design bugs or something similar. You can write to if you found something or have a suggestion. Your feedback is appriciated.

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