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"Collapse" button plugin for CKEditor for Drupal

Several days ago I needed to add an ability to add "spoilers" to comments and nodes at VELOBY.NET web site (Minsk's cycling community). Spoiler is a part of text, that is hidden from viewing by default. It expands by click showing previously hidden content to users.

I've googled nice Collapse Text module for Drupal. Installed it, enabled in input format settings. Everything is fine with it.

We use CKEditor as wysiwyg-editor on VELOBY.NET. And I wanted to add a button to its toolbar, to be able to insert [collapsed]...[/collapsed] meta tags before and after text, selected in editor. Googling almost an hour gave me nothing. So I decided to write own plugin for CKEditor with this functionality.

This small article is about creating this plugin.

ANN: MiTo Team Paint v1.4.20100209 released

We are glad to introduce MiTo Team Paint v1.4.20100209 release. This version brings support for JPG, PNG and GIF images. Several small improvements implemented, some minor bugs fixed. Download it, install and have fun drawing with your PocketPC!

ANN: MT Browser Switcher v1.1.20091123 released

We are glad to introduce MT Browser Switcher v1.1.20091123 release. Windows XP support significantly improved. MSI-installer added. There are also several minor improvements.

Introducing new project: MT Browser Switcher

We are glad to introduce you our new project: MT Browser Switcher!

This small utility allows you to assign URLs to several different browsers so different websites can be opened with different browsers. This can be useful if you use some browser for everyday surfing but prefer another browser for particular websites. For example you use Opera for everyday surfing, but you prefer to work with your GMail account using Google Chrome since Google services work much more faster and more stable with Google's native browser.

Support Ticketing System added to site

We used Mantis bug tracker as support system. But this is heavy system with separate registration and logging in. It has a lot of over-features for user who just wants to report a sinple bug or ask a question. So we wanted some simple and user friendly way for users to report bugs or ask a questions on our site.

We had played with several third-party Drupal CMS modules and our new Support Ticketing System was born as result. Now you can leave you support requests (Support Tickets) at our site. You have to be registered user to be able to add a ticket. Use My Support Tickets link to add new ticket or view existing ones.

Our Mantis bug tracker is still available. But it will be used mostly internally by our developers. You can read about our custom Support Ticketing System building below.

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